Artyfarty Designs

Arty Farty  Everyday Mug
Arty Farty Everyday Mug
Handpainted stoneware everyday mug. Hard wearing, chip resistant, dishwasher and microwave safe.
Arty Farty Creamer Jug
Arty Farty Creamer Jug
Small Creamer Jug with blue dragonfly design. Perfect for serving milk, cream or as a small flower vase.

Arty Farty Small TeapotArty Farty Small Teapot
Arty Farty Small Teapot
Small handpainted teapot. Extremely hard wearing and chip resistant, it is designed and made to be used every day, perfect for the busy household.
Arty Farty Sugar ServerArty Farty Sugar Server
Arty Farty Sugar Server
This Artyfarty Morning Star sugar server is a great fun design that would look great with any kitchen collection. This sugar server has a white base and is covered in lovely blue stars. Why not add this fun design to your kitchen or give as a gift to someone else.

ArtyFarty Gents MugArtyFarty Gents Mug
ArtyFarty Gents Mug
This fabulous ArtyFarty gents mug is the perfect way to enjoy your favourite hot beverage and comes in a variety of colours and designs. Handed crafted and sponged using high-quality paints, these stoneware mugs look just as good mixed as they do matched.
ArtyFarty Heart Dish
ArtyFarty Heart Dish
This gorgeous heart dish with the morning star design is the perfect addition to any kitchen. The handmade stoneware design and durability makes it the perfect dish to use every day.

Artyfarty Large CreamerArtyfarty Large Creamer
Artyfarty Large Creamer
This Artyfarty Love leaf Creamer would be ideal for holding that afternoon tea party. This creamer is 10.5cm high and has a capacity 0.3ltr. This jug is the perfect size for holding your milk or cream in. Why not mix and match the different Artyfarty designs and get the forget me not one to match. This would also be the perfect gift.
Artyfarty Medium Teapot
Artyfarty Medium Teapot
This Artyfarty forget me not teapot would be perfect for any breakfast set. Artyfarty pottery is polish designed. Its colour scheme is simple yet effective. This teapot is 11cm high and hold a capacity of 0.9ltr, the perfect sizes for your tea in the morning.

Artyfarty Mini Mug
Artyfarty Mini Mug
This mini forget me not mug is the perfect mug for your morning coffees or your super smooth hot chocolates in the evening. The gorgeous handcrafted pattern of flowers that surrounds the mug and the meaning of ‘forget me not’ being true love makes it the perfect gift for a loved one.
Artyfarty Mini Mug
Artyfarty Mini Mug
This Artyfarty Morning Star pasta bowl has a simple yet effective design. This bowl has a white base and is the covered in blue stars, it also has a blue rim around the top of the bowl. This bowl is great to serve you favourite pasta dishes in or why not treat a loved one to one of these bowls. This pasta dish is 4.5cm high and has a diameter 21.5cm. The perfect size for a bowl of pasta.

ArtyFarty Serving BowlArtyFarty Serving Bowl
ArtyFarty Serving Bowl
This unusual serving bowl decorated with a gorgeous love leaf pattern both on the inside and outside of the bowl will be sure to make a statement in your kitchen. This gorgeous handmade bowl was hand crafted for everyday use and can be mixed and matched with other designs for an eclectic table setting.